Emotional Intelligence Seminar

13 Mar 2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Eastern Standard Time

My boss is really hard to please. I’m not sure what I can do differently.
My classmate just can’t focus on the details! How can we work together?
My roommate gets frustrated with me, but I’m really not sure why.

Would you like to improve your relationships, manage your time better, be more motivated, make wise decisions under pressure, and express your emotions in a healthy way?

These are all related to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and we are privileged to have guest speakers from Global Leadership Partners (GLP) who will provide world-class training on EQ. All the content in GLP’s training modules is based on extensive experience from the Procter & Gamble Company – often assessed to be the #1 Company in the world for developing leaders. What makes our training even better is that our speakers use their rich experience as executives at the world’s most admired companies to provide practical advice on applying leadership principles.


Terry Cole
Product Supply Executive

Anita Coward
Franchise Owner, Team Builder, Storyteller

Kevin Forrest
Vice President of Sales

L Gordon Paisley
Transformation Leader,
Human Resources Executive, Consultant

Daniel Perschke
Vice President and Controller

Join us on Zoom 10 AM – 12 Noon Eastern Time, Saturday, March 13.

Discussion Group Facilitators

In signing up for this opportunity, you are volunteering to facilitate or assist conversation for a small group of international students and scholars. The intent of the breakout sessions is to develop relationships between the students and volunteers around the session’s content. We will equip you with what you need to feel comfortable while participating in or facilitating group discussion.  Leaders will be asked to join the Zoom session 30 minutes prior to start for a team meeting and prayer.

Community Mentors Needed

Online Professional Mentoring Sessions will be offered to international students (as a follow-up to this seminar).  Each session is led by a representative of GLP and is attended by a student and a member of the community. Following the Mentoring Session, the community member will have an opportunity to be a resource and advocate for the student as they continue their studies in the United States.

When you register, you will have an opportunity to express your interest in participating in a virtual mentoring session.  If a student you already spend time with registers, please include their name when you register and we will make sure you are connected. Prior to the seminar we will provide you with additional information about this opportunity.

To learn more about GLP, go to GlobalLeadershipPartners.org.
Virtually join international students and scholars studying around the country by reserving your ticket today!

Contact Cheryl Ramsey at if you have any questions.