Kroger Community Rewards Program


Shop at Kroger and IFI benefits from every dollar you spend!

Kroger is giving away a few million $ this year and the more people using their reward card for IFI, the more IFI earns.

It’s easy to sign up!

  • Visit:
  • Under “Community” at the very bottom of the page, click on “Kroger Community Rewards.”
  • Follow the directions given to Link Your Shopper’s Card.
  • Find International Friendships by typing our Org #:  IK605 or entering “International Friendships.”
  • Make sure you see “International Friendships” as your organization of choice.
  • Call Kroger at 1-866-221-4141 if you need help.

Thank you for supporting IFI in this convenient way!

Contact Pat Durst at if you have any questions about IFI’s role in this program.

IFI/Cincinnati’s Non-Profit Organization (NPO) number:  IK605